Cherry SmoothieShape Magazine recently listed Tart Cherry Juice as one of 10 foods to power up your workout, along with coffee, raisins, bananas, tomato juice, apples, leafy greens, beets, ginger, and greek yogurt.


“Inflammation is the scourge of muscles, causing pain and swelling and hindering performance in your next workout,” Kimball says. Ease that affliction with cherries. “They’re rich in polyphenolic compounds — namely flavanoids and anthyocyanins — that are shown to decrease inflammation,” Kimball says. In fact, when athletes consumed a cherry concentrate daily for seven days before and two days after a strength-training workout, their muscles recovered faster, U.K. researchers reported.   Read full article here:

Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate mixes very well with other healthy foods, and a little bit goes a long way to enhance both the flavor and the nutritional qualities of many recipes. We have incorporated a number of these power ingredients into one delicious, nutrition-packed cherry smoothie:

Simply place a scoop/handful each of ice, bananas, yogurt, fresh or IQF frozen fruit (blueberries and raspberries work great), and baby spinach into the blender.

Pour 2 or 3 tablespoons of Northport Organic tart cherry juice concentrate over the whole thing. Blend until smooth and voila! You have a tasty, energizing and healthful smoothie to power your workout or every busy day. Enjoy!